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Problems with the clover customer app

I have created customers in the clover customer app and can see them from the web dashboard too. Yet, any time I try to click on them from my emulator it says "This customer no longer exists".

I see you had this problem previously with sandbox accounts, but I am using a production account on the emulator. I have tried 3 different emulator set ups on 2 computers and I am consistently getting the same problem. Please help.

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The Customers app is terrible. I'm trying to find the best customer info/ tracking app that ties well to the Register app. Any suggestions?

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Take a look at cloud CRM we released this app to offer merchants an ability to add any fields they need also to remove the fields they dont need or change settings like optional or required. Also using cloud CRM merchants can create customer categories or types . With web interface merchants can export to different formats.

link to the app on clover marketplace:

Link to the demo on youtube:

Link to 3rd party app developer:

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