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Sandbox Ecommerce shipping fee not showing up in order

Hi again,

I've been following your advice for partial refunds in by using this endpoint to get ids of items being charged.{

However, it seems to have the same problem as the clover receipt, that is, not showing up "shipping" type items.

Additionally, if I were to specify a type and amount, it will not go through, and returns a HTTP 500 like in the previous thread.

Full example in the moderated comment.

e-commerce apiRefund
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I experimented with this (refunding a shipping type) a bit and I don't think it is possible now. That being said, I really not certain what the importance of the "type" attribute is. I think it may have more to do with compatability with Stripe's old API than anything else. Is there a good reason why you need to set the type? Can you just use a regular line item here?

FYI - I am trying to get some more details from the ecomm team as well.

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There's no reason for me to stick with it if you say I can do it as a line item without an issue down the road.

I just happened to set things the way they are to be as precise as possible with what the API documentation gives us so the orders can have all the right types for any edge case that would need it.

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I am not 100% on the validity of the approach I recommended. I haven't received a response from he ecomm team yet, I will update this thread when I do.

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