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Printing Issue On Station

I have an app that we add some lines to the receipt. This works fine on the mini but on the station for some reason its not printing anything at all. Could there be a reason specific to the station for this?

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Are you using our clover-android-sdk for a native app? Would you mind sharing the code you're using to print in its current state?

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Yes, I am using the clover sdk for a native app. For the code I am using the normal receiptconnector and an authority to trigger it. How is the best way to show the code?

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Other than the target printer, there's no difference in how you'd send the print job between Mini and Station. Please provide a pastebin link to your logcat when it's failing.

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Well we only have a mini to test on on sandbox, and that works without issue. But when we launched the app and someone tried it on their station it doesn't print.

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Actually for further clarification the merchant who is running this app has both a mini and a station and on the mini it prints fine but on the station it does not.

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