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What is causing No app with ID error?


I am working on a dashboard for merchants to view their data. This will not be an app that they download, but a web application. The business owner is the only one with a Clover account, so he is required to follow the oAuth flow to obtain the access token for each merchant.

When the business owner tries to get an access token for a particular merchant a 'Not found' popup appears on the following page:[client id - removed for this message]&merchant_id=[merchant id - removed for this message] when I look at the logs I get a 404 on the following endpoint:[removed for message]/apps/[removed for message]?expand=appLocales%2CandroidVersion.releaseNote%2CdeviceTypes%2CavailableMetereds%2CavailableSubscriptions%2CcurrentSubscription%2Cmodules%2Cscreenshots%2Cbilling&_=[removed for message] with the message:

{"details":"No app with ID [REMOVED FOR MESSAGE]","message":"Not Found"}

I have been trying to find out what could be causing this and have seen numerous suggestions such as subscription pricing needs to be set up with a country (which it is). That the merchant must install the app first (which in the scenario we are using it isn't possible?). That the app needs to be published.

Would anyone be able to shed some light on what is causing this issue and why the merchants endpoint cannot find the app?

Many thanks in advance for your help

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The merchant must install the app first. Your app can't obtain a token if the merchant hasn't installed it.

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Thanks David, so does that mean I cannot use the API in the way I was hoping to? To give a bit more background:

- Each merchant does not have their own Clover login to be able to install the app. Only the business owner has a Clover account.

- I am not looking to create an application that merchants can download, but rather a web application that they can log into via our own systems and, after the business owner (the person with the Clover account) successfully supplies a access token, use the API to show their merchant data.

Is that not possible?

Many thanks for your help

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When you say merchant, do you mean the business owner, the one with the Clover account? Or do you mean each individual merchant?
I think I might be misunderstanding.

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Each merchant must have the application installed and in order to do so typically the application must be available (published/approved) in the app market. Even though your application is a web app this is required. Why? A merchant must grant your application access to their data and this is done when the merchant chooses to install your app. Otherwise any app would be able to access any merchant's data. You keep saying business owner so it sounds like you are doing something like this - Is that correct? If not how is the owner associated with each merchant? I am unsure if in this setup all of the apps the business owner installs get installed for each merchant and if the owner can obtain a single token that will work across merchants (I am guessing not). You may want to contact our developer relations team to discuss this further as there may be something they can do for you -

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