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Item Variants should be fully accessible form the web dashboard, and have more versatility

I manage a vintage glasses store in NYC. Our inventory numbers in the upper hundreds. One of the main draws of clover for our business is centralized inventory management. We have been subscribing to the top tier Clover subscription specifically for inventory management purposes. Unfortunately Clover is quite disappointing when you have a large, diverse inventory.

I had thought the Item variants feature would be my savior, allowing me to essentially have subcategories, but after a long phone call with tech support, I discovered that item variants exist exclusively in the Clover Android Inventory App. This is my first issue, the Item variant feature desperately needs to be integrated with the web dashboard, I am tired of typing hundreds of inventory on our little android touch keyboard. In general I think the web dashboard needs a much better interface for managing inventory, like I said, once you start getting hundreds of entries, it becomes incredibly cumbersome.

My second issue, is that even within the app, Item Variants are collapsible now, which is fantastic! But, only within the item register view... For example, I have a glasses frame in my store called the Ansel with 5 colors, in item view, they are all contained within a bolded "Ansel" entry, that shows there are 5 items within, and when I click, it shows me all the options! I love it, but when go to any other register display view, the Item variant groupings are non-existent, the individual items are instead listed 1 by 1, which is an issue because in 1 category alone, I have over 200 entries, and many of them could be Item Variants, making our register display beautifully condensed.

Thirdly, there needs to be a method for IMPORTING item variants and setting up Item Variants from CSVs, which again goes back to having full access to item variants in the web dashboard.

I am in the middle of doing a complete inventory overhaul, and will be nearing 1000 individual entries, I plan to delete my entire current inventory, and then import a new CSV, but because of how the system is setup, I will be unable to utilize item variants. I cannot set up hundreds of item variant groups through my Clover Android Register using that tiny touch keyboard, it's incredibly inefficient.

Again, I love the Item Variants UI within the Items view on my clover register, but restricting it's capability to the Clover register defeats it's purpose as an advanced inventory management tool.

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Hi, and thanks for the detailed write-up. This forum is monitored by developers and designed to help our third party integrators develop applications for our platform. The best place for suggestions like this is where it can be seen by our product team.

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