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Downloading App onto Clover Mini

When sending an update or installing our application for the first time we encounter a problem with updating the application to all Clover Minis across multiple different MIDs in different environments running on both wifi and Ethernet.

The issue is that it does not auto sync when we send an update so when we go to the App Market to download manually it does 1 of 2 things.

1) Download is selected and we never see a progress bar and stays that way forever.

2) Rarely we can get it to show the progress bar but when it does finish it tells us that the app was not installed due to an error.

Again this is only happening on Clover minis. We have locations that use both minis and mobiles and when the application is installed on the mobile then hours later it will come over to the mini.

We have contacted Clover support multiple times on this issue and they have been zero help and blame us that it is our fault. If that is the case then please advise on how to remedy this issue as we currently have clients completely down to this issue. Thanks.

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Can you tell me your app's name / package name so I can find it in the store?

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App Package: us.softpoint.datapoint App Name: DataPoint For Market

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Are you saying that it fails to install initially then later installs? You have 2 apps right? Does the other app have this problem? I manually installed the APKs here and didn't have a problem. If you have a device where it's failing, can you let me know serial number and setup a time where I can connect to it to see what's going on?

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Serial Number: H031UQ52270098 Would 8:30 am PST work for you?

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Did you mean C, not H? Is this a merchant's device? I can't disrupt their business to troubleshoot this. Do you have a dev device where it's failing?

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