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Sandbox device cannot be associated, fails at select plan page

Hello. I have a sandbox Mini 2 which I recently associated with a Payments Plus merchant. Now I want to move it back to a full Register merchant. I disassociated it from the Payments Plus merchant, and associated with the full one (MID is 613NCRB7QWX7R). The device serial is: C032EQ85170066. I'm not sure if the move to the Payments Plus merchant is relevant.

Now if I select any of the 3 plans:

I get this error:

So the device no longer functions. Any ideas on what to do here?

Edit: A reboot fixed this issue from March. We now cannot get into our Flex device for what appears to be the same reason, and reboots don't help. Plan choice doesn't help either. The reason I re-associated in the first place is because we couldn't get into our apps (which were downloaded from the web today, with every combination of reboot and sync you can imagine) due to permissions failures. So it's one of those days and I would love to know if there are wider sandbox issues.

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