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Line item discounting stopped Feb 2nd 2020 EU Clover site

Our EU Clover station Android app applies percentage discounts to line items. For 4 years App worked. Since February 2nd 2020, yesterday, Clover Register is not applying the line item discounts. (Questions: [1] Did Clover change functionality of (discounts, register) apps ? Note; Stations show versions date 11th February 2020 [2] Can someone explain how Register can accept discounts Sunday 1st Feb & not accept discounts Monday 2nd February )

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Our POS team was unable to reproduce this problem. Can you provide your merchant UUID and more granular steps please.

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Hi David,

Thanks for update.

Are you saying that versions dated 11th February 2020 of EU.Clover Discounts & Register) apps were not changed in the method used to accept line item discount % from existing apps ?

If yes,

then we have to figure out why our Clover station APK is not now able to send % discount to Clover line item.



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I am saying we need more information if you would like us to look into the issue in more detail. Also, if you could provide us with the logs after you attempt to add a discount that would be very helpful. To do this go to the help app and then go to the menu. Under diagnostics there's a button to send us the device logs. In order to view the logs we will need the serial number or device ID.

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