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Under what conditions are payment webhook events sent?

The docs on this subject only mention:

Payments – When payments are created or updated.

But that doesn't seem to be the case. Judging from the REST API reference, a payment is created via a call to /v3/merchants/{mId}/orders/{orderId}/payments which triggers an Orders webhook event, but no payments one. Would a Payments event be sent for a voided transaction? For a refund? Or should we always expect an Orders event for those scenarios, and retrieve the list of payments along with the order?

I'd gladly test this out myself but I have this issue:

Thanks, Martin

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The linked issue is now solved and I've been able to test this. Payments events are sent when a payment is processed (a CREATE event), but no event is sent if a payment is voided. It seems to me that this should trigger a DELETE event, since requesting the payment ID via the REST API after voiding a transaction returns: {"details":"Could not find payment with id 5E0W16N007Y8M","message":"Not Found"}

Instead, we only receive an Order UPDATE event, but there is no way currently to detect a voided transaction from the order (the payment is just not there anymore), correct? How would I do that?

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