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Tips bug on customer facing Payments Plus tenders

Hi, a merchant has reported an issue with Payments Plus custom tenders and tips support. We had not considered tips in our app flow, and in my opinion this is a bug in Clover's implementation but would love some feedback.


  • If a Sale amount of $1.00 is made in the Sale app, and the customer chooses a tip of 15%, the Intents.EXTRA_AMOUNT amount that is passed to our application via our customer tender is $1.00.
  • The Intents.EXTRA_TIP_AMOUNT is correctly set to $0.15c
  • Because our app was not considering tips, when we set a payment amount result of $1.00, the order is registered as fully paid, including the tip. Obviously we only asked to pay for $1.00, so I believe Clover should be presenting the partial payment flow in this case to allow any tender to pay for the remainder amount of $0.15.
  • Not only that, but if I manually set a payment amount of EXTRA_AMOUNT + EXTRA_TIP_AMOUNT, a payment of $1.30 is registered.
  • So when processing a tender click, we need to examine the tip amount, but when closing out the sale, we need to disregard it.

Desired behavior:

  • One of my pastimes is doing as little as possible. So ideally Clover should be sending us an EXTRA_AMOUNT of $1.15 here, as this is what the customer is expecting to pay. That means my app will continue to work as desired and I don't need to consider tips at all.
  • Alternatively (I am acutely aware that these things take months to fix), if I manually resolve this, is it likely that Clover may come along and apply the fix I have suggested, which would therefore break any manual fix I apply?


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Tips are kept separate from payment amounts. For starters, tips are not taxable and they also need to be kept separate down to the payment gateway for things like tip adjust. It's also good practice to separate out the tip when visually representing the payment to user be it on screen or a paper receipt.

No, we won't change how this works so you don't need to worry about that. It's a public interface and changing it has the potential to break lots of others developers including yourself. Not playing the saint here of course we break things at times but we never do it intentionally.

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Thanks Jeff, Ok I will make our apps redeem from a user's balance including any tip amount, but set a result excluding it and pray to the First Data gods this keeps everyone happy

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