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Is direct communication and control to Clover Mini device possible via WebSocket

I have looked at the Clover.js code and it appears to be communicating to the Clover Device via WebSocket. Is it possible to communicate directly to a Clover device using only web sockets? If so is there any documentation on what must be sent to perform specific operations (e.g. Credit/Debit card sale,Refund,Void,PreAuthorization, etc)? I am looking to integrate from a standalone java application to Clover Mini device hardware .

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The remote-pay-cloud library you looked at is communicating with the device via websockets. We do not currently have a Java SDK for this communication. While it is possible to do the communication with the device with only websockets, there are some preparatory steps required (authentication for example) that are not currently available.

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Is there a recommended strategy for integrating to Clover devices from a standalone java application?

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We are in the process of developing connector libraries for this purpose, and although I am not currently aware of plans for a Java connector, they are likely on the horizon. Integration is dependant on your planned deployment architecture. For now, you can look at the Android connector ( which includes examples of usb transport and websocket transport, and see for some information on authentication. There will be updates regarding the semi-integration space in the near future.

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