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V3 REST API Sort Items in Categories on Register

Is there way to force sort items ascending inside a category on register with the REST API? I see that you can GET item collections and sort them, but I would like to have numbered items show up alphabetically - In the grid and list format inside register.

Is there any settings in register to auto sort items without the API?

I am creating items with a number prefix, which constantly changes, as well as adding the item to a temporary category, and all the items are sorted based upon when they were created or when they were added to that temporary category.

Thank you for the help!

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I ended up just deleting the association of the category from all items, and then re associating all the items to the category in the appropriate order to have them alphabetically sorted. Seems like an unnecessary use of internet bandwidth, but then again, all the other REST API calls have to be done individually (no batch functionality).

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