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Getting 'Merchant not found' when adding new Dev Kit

I'm trying to add a new Dev Kit device (Mobile) to my sandbox account. I've created the Merchant account, but when I go to associate the Mobile Serial Number to the Dev Kit field to link to my Merchant, I keep getting a 'Merchant not found' error.

I've tried 3 different browsers, just to make sure.

DevKitClover Mobile
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Can you please comment with your Sandbox merchant's ID?

And just to clarify, is this the step that you are unable to complete?

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Yes, Mike. Those are the steps I was trying. The sandbox ID is 4Z8668RXKHCR2


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Any updates?

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Sorry for the delay, I'm not able to see anything wrong with the Sandbox merchant's configuration. Can you please log the network request and error response, via Chrome's Inspect or another browser? You can also email us that information at

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