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Can not upload APK to sandbox account


everyone, I'm having trouble uploading the APK of my Android application to the sandbox account. I've created the application (it appears on the App Marker), but APK upload fails with the following error:

The package name must be the same as previous versions

What's confusing about the error message is that THIS IS the first version I'm trying to upload. The APK was generated in Android Studio, in release mode with a certificate generated in Android Studio as well.

What I tried so far:

  • uninstalling the application, changing the package name of the android app to something else, generating new APK and new application on the sandbox - same message
    • generating a new certificate, using new package name - same message

Any ideas what else to look for?

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P.S. I'm aware that I can probably upload the app by side loading it directly on the development Clover Station, but I'm would still like to know why isn't it working via the web form on my account.

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So when you create the app on your account, you have to indicate the package name. Did you check if that package name matches the name of the package that your are trying to upload?

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Yes, the package in AndroidManifest.xml and the package I entered on the site are the same. I also tried changing the package name to something else and uploading it again (after deleted the old app), but I get the same error message.

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Have you try deleting the app on your account page and recreate the app using the Quick Create feature (bottom) instead of the Create App feature (top)?

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