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Order Created Via API not displaying on clover machine.

I am using v3 web API for clover from which I create an order with the following API call[]/orders?accesstoken=[token]

I have got order_id in response from API. Then I make another call to add line items to this order via[]/orders/[orderid].'/lineitems?accesstoken=[token] [order_id] is what i have got as a response from first call

Now I have added discount if it is applicable for a order via[]/discounts?accesstoken=[token]

Following the above process show me the line items on clover web dashboard but it is not visible on clover cash register machine.

Can anyone help me on this ?

Thanks much in advance

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Jacob Abrams avatar image Jacob Abrams ♦♦ commented ·

It is not visible when you go to the Orders app on the Clover device? Are orders manually created on the device in the register app appearing on your web dashboard?

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chetan avatar image chetan commented ·

Yes It is not visible on clover device and currently line items are visible on web dashboard when I click on line item it shows the order_id assigned to that line item.

I want that order to visible on clover machine and also on the orders section of web dashboard.

Please help me on this ASAP

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chetan avatar image chetan commented ·

Hello Jacob I am waiting for your response. Could you please let me know if it is possible ?

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