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How to find an order by table number using the REST API?

Is it possible to pull up an order by table number? I have looked at the response from the Orders API documentation and don't see any properties that reference table number.

From reading through other questions asked here, I have learned that managing orders and tables is done through the Tables app. Once an order is created for a table through the Tables app, is it possible to use the Rest API to find the open order for a table and perform actions on that order?

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Wondering if this information is available yet to third parties? Would be really nice.

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No, it is not.

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any timeline as to when it might be?

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Unfortunately, this information is not available to third parties at this time. However, I've made note that this is a desired feature and will let our internal developers know.
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What about using the /Tables endpoint? I saw reference to that somewhere, but when I tried to hit it, I get 401 Unauthorized.

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`/tables` is private endpoint and is only used internally.

Can you provide a link where you see mention of this endpoint? Sounds like we've got some cleaning up to do!

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I don't think it was in the API documentation but rather here on the community forum somewhere.

Speaking of cleaning up. I noticed that some static files linked from your documentation are no longer available. Looks like you guys recently migrated from Wordpress and the uploads are no longer available. For example, the sample inventory file ( linked from this page redirects to the documentation home. Same with the sample postman collection linked from one of your blog posts.

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