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How can i make credit card payment for my android application using REST APIs in India?

We are developing android clover application using Clover REST APIs v3(
Here We are able to get all REST APIs for employee management, cash/check payment APIs etc. But in case of credit card we are not able to make a payment ( POST /v3/merchants/{mId}/orders/{orderId}/payments). it gives us "message": " We currently don't allow you to add native credit or debit payments, please use an external tender type such as 'external payment".
Also We are not able to refund with any kind of tender Ids(cash/check/credit cards).
Kindly help us to resolve above queries.

REST APIPaymentsRefund
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Clover does not support India as a payment region.

In the US, you can use the Developer Pay API:

However, this is not intended for card present payments. For card present payments, use the on-device Secure Payments app to initiate payments. See ACTION_SECURE_PAY in the SDK.

You cannot perform refunds via REST. This is because of the potential for serious bugs that result in loss of revenue for the merchant. You can send the user to the transaction details screen and let them initiate the refund. See ACTION_START_TRANSACTION_DETAIL in the SDK.

As for development, the device doesn't care where you are at physically. If it's a devkit payments are black holed anyway (meaning they go nowhere).
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Thanks for your answer.
You mean to say we can not use REST APIs from India but can we use Clover SDK to make payment/refund in our application?
I have another question, This application will use in US area but we are using sandbox account from India to develop this application, so is there any way to do payment/refund through RESTFUL APIs in sandbox account in India?
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I mean you cannot purchase a Clover for business in India. I'll update my answer based on your clarification.

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We are not purchasing a clover for business in India, we are developing Clover android application in India for US only.
We are looking for the solution where we can make payment/refund in our application either from REST APIs or from Clover SDK using sandbox account.
Waiting for your reply.
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