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Developer Pay API V2 - "'failureMessage': 'RE0528 - EncrptBlock is invalid|'" ?


I have been stuck on this issue with the Pay V2 API (

It is giving me an encryption block is invalid error and I cannot seem to figure out why it is not working. The failure message isn't the best. I have thoroughly followed the documentation for the card encryption. I am stuck.

I did the encryption two different ways.
1) Added the prefix from the first GET request to the card number and used that to encrypt
card_num = secrets['prefix'] + card['card_number']
RSAkey = RSA.construct((int(secrets['modulus']), int(secrets['exponent'])))
key = RSAkey.publickey()
encrypted = key.encrypt(int(card['card_number']), card_num)
card_encrypted = b64encode(str(encrypted[0]))

2) Did NOT add the prefix to the card number initially, just used the card number and prefix to encrypt.
RSAkey = RSA.construct((int(secrets['modulus']), int(secrets['exponent'])))
publickey = RSAkey.publickey()
encrypted = publickey.encrypt(int(card['card_number']), secrets['prefix'])
card_encrypted = b64encode(str(encrypted[0]).encode()

If anyone is able to assist with this, I would be grateful.

Best Regards,
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Hello @ex8 ...did you find the solution for this ???
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