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How to set order items for Remote Pay instead of Manual Transaction listed there?

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We are doing remote pay integration via Web SDK. We can create orders in clover devices but the problem is the order is created automatically while we call the Sale method. The issue is it always creates a new order with a single line item called 'Manual transaction'.
We also tried to pre-create an order with line items using REST API. So we are getting an ID of an order and tried to pass this value in SaleRequest transaction using setOrderId() method. But it seems like this OrderId is ignored and in any case scenario we are getting a new order with a new ID and Manual transaction in the line items. Does this setOrderId() method works or is there any other way to represent real order line items?

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In a semi-integration, Clover is not the POS, but only a terminal for payment acceptance; semi-integrations do not use Clover inventory items. As you have observed, all semi-integration transactions are, from the Clover perspective, manual transactions. Due to our schema, that means that the payment object belongs to an order object created for that transaction, and the order has a single line item called "Manual Transaction." It is not possible to create a Clover order with Clover inventory beforehand and then use that.

You can, however, display line items on the Clover device's screen using the ICloverConnector displayOrder methods, and you can also print your own receipts if you require receipts with line items.
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