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Why can't we create credits/refunds using the API?

The only credit/refund endpoints appear to be GET;
-Get all refunds for a merchant
-Get a single refund
-Get a list of credits
-Get a single credit

If we try and create a negative payment the API throws an error;
{"message":"Payment amount must exist and not be negative."}
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I get this message on using this below API to make payment using custom Tender

POST /v3/merchants/{mId}/orders/{orderId}/payments

I provide the details(Parameters)

{ "employee": { "id": "S48JPDMXXXX7W" }, "order": { "id": "17SYWXXXJBQPY" }, "tender": { "instructions": "erter", "visible": true, "editable": false, "id": "2GQ9XXXXXRGRY", "label": "Coupon", "labelKey": "com.bluepumpsoftware.application", "opensCashDrawer": false, "supportsTipping": false, "enabled": true }, "amount": "2243" }

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