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Intents.EXTRA_NOTE not getting populated

We are developing a Clover App for Clover Station that has a Merchant facing Tender type. When the tender type is selected while payment during Register App our merchant facing App is opened up and payment and member details are taken and finally when the payment is done we would like to add a note to the Order for future reference. Below is how we are adding the note to the Intents.EXTRA_NOTE. But somehow the transaction is processing successfully but the note is not getting populated anywhere in the Clover Order. Can anyone tell us what we are doing wrong? Also where does the Intents.EXTRA_CLIENT_ID get populated on the Clover Order. We don’t see this also anywhere.

public void transferReceiptDoneClick(View view) {
Intent data = new Intent();
data.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_AMOUNT, (orderTransactionAmount + orderTransactionTaxAmount));
data.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_CLIENT_ID, getScoinTransactionID());
data.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_NOTE, "Scoin Sav: " + CloverUtil.longToAmountString(orderTransactionCurrency,customCashSaveAmount) +" #TRX Id: " + getScoinTransactionID());
setResult(RESULT_OK, data);
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EXTRA_NOTE is meant to be a note on the Payment object, not the Order. Please check the Payment associated with that Order to view the note that you've passed. You can get a list of payments for an order with order.getPayments().

As for EXTRA_CLIENT_ID, it is also for the Payment object. You can find this with payment.getExternalPaymentId().

To actually add a note to an order, you should use order.setNote("Your note here"). However, keep in mind that, depending on the merchant's settings, this note will also be printed on the receipt and displayed in various places within the Clover environment.
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