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Android ACTION_SECURE_PAY: Payment Settlement

I'm developing an app with Clover MINI android device and using ACTION_SECURE_PAY to take payments.
Currently testing in SANDBOX environment and use "Fist Data - Test Card 01" for testing.
Also my Test Merchant have pointed to CERT gateway.

First I create an Order using Clover OrderConnector (in Android) and passing that OrderID (Intents.EXTRA_ORDER_ID) when start Secure_Pay intent...

Following is a sample code of how I start Secure_Pay Intent for the Payment

TransactionSettings transactionSettings = new TransactionSettings();
// To stop asking Customer Signature
transactionSettings.setSignatureThreshold(new Long(1000000));

// Create Intent to Start Secure Pay App.
Intent intent = new Intent(Intents.ACTION_SECURE_PAY);
intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_AMOUNT, new Long(totalAmount));
intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_ORDER_ID, strCloverOrderID);
intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_TRANSACTION_SETTINGS, transactionSettings);
// Start 'CLOVER Secure Pay' App.
startActivityForResult(intent, SECURE_PAY_REQUEST_CODE);

After executing a successful TEST payment using the FirstData Test Card, I just then opened the ' Transactions' APP (default installed Application with CloverMINI) and checked more information about the Payment.
There I can see following things
  • Payment NOT CLOSED
  • Transaction Type: PREAUTH
  • Transaction State: PENDING

Question 1).
Seeing above information I just get the feeling that the Payment has gone through successfully (as got the AuthCode) but still got to do something else to finish the settlement?
If so please can you guide me on how to finish this fully because I do NOT want to STOP the payment in any way, after executed successfully in Secure_Pay App (Intent).

Question 2).
When I print a receipt for the same transaction using 'Transactions' APP, there I see it says " NO CARDHOLDER VERIFICATION". Hope this is because I've asked the Secure_Pay APP to ignore user signature for the payment. Is that why?
So can the Payment NOT settle for any reason after finish it successfully with an AuthCode for NOT asking customer signature in payment process?

More info... I am allowing following payment options in Secure_Pay APP.

Question 3).
I see there is an option to Refund the Payment in 'Transactions' APP.
Can I stop this (passing extra parameter when creating the Order or when start Payment with Secure_Pay)?
I just want to STOP refunding after taken payment, specially outside of my Application.
I just don't even see the option that I can unInstall this 'Transaction' APP in test device, thinking of refunding outside of my APP.


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Raymond Lee Deactivated answered
Hi @Janaka,

Here are my answers to your questions below:

Question 1: All my payments are not closed, and the transaction is shown as a PREAUTH?

This is due to a recent bug that is caused when tipping is disabled, and a fix is currently being worked on. A workaround for now is to enable tipping, if you want to see your payments close.

Question 2: Is " NO CARDHOLDER VERIFICATION" due to not asking for customer signature?

That is correct, you will get " NO CARDHOLDER VERIFICATION" if you choose to ignore user signature for the payment. If you enable user signature, you will see " SIGNATURE VERIFIED" in the same location instead.

Question 3: Can I prevent refunds for payments made on a Clover device?

This is not possible, and is not something we allow. In addition, the Transaction app cannot be uninstalled as it is a core app that would be needed by the merchant. You can however hide the Transaction app from employees in the Employees app -> Permissions.

Hope that helps,

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