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Unable to upload APK on account - 500 internal server error

Hi, I have previously uploaded apk to EU account for my app, but now I get 500 internal server error.
I am not sure if the problem is related to the apk or to clover servers. I have updated android studio and now it seems to create a apk and a output.json so my thought is that it might have changed the apk signing process.
Does anyone have the same issue, or any idea of what could be wrong?
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Hi Martins, are you using Gradle Plugin 3.0.0+?

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yes, I had upgraded to gradle 3.0.0, but now downgraded to 2.3.3 and it fixed my issue. Thanks

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Same issue here (with US sandbox account). I am totally new to both Clover and Android programming so I may be doing something wrong. But in any case "500 - internal server error" is not helpful. I am using Android Studio 3 and I tried both, creating a "Hello World" type of app from scratch as well as building an apk from one of the clover android-examples. I am probably using Gradle Plugin 3.0.0 (in my build.gradle I have classpath '')

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@Martins @alexb, there's a known issue when using gradle plugin version 3.0.0. The recommendation is to downgrade your gradle plugin to a version like 2.3.3. This should resolve the issue when uploading an APK.

Here are instructions on how to change the gradle plugin version:

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Downgrading gradle android plugin version to 2.3.3 worked for me. I was able to upload the apk. Thanks

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