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How can I test a Partial Auth?

How can I test a Partial Auth?
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You can test a Partial Auth by manually entering a special test card number that’s designed to authorize half the amount of the Sale.

  1. Your test merchant must be pointed towards a CERT gateway, and not towards a black hole. Most sandbox devices that are shipped are pointed to the CERT environment. If you’re experiencing issues with testing partial payment, send an email to In your message, ask us to check your environment status and put you on a CERT account if you aren't already. Please include your test merchant ID.
  2. Your integration payment options must include manual entry. Otherwise, there will be no way to manually enter a card number while the Clover device is in customer-facing mode. You will need to set the cardEntryMethod on the SaleRequest/AuthRequest to include manual entry as an option (by default, it is not enabled). You can include multiple CardEntryMethod constants in the SaleRequest/AuthRequest using the OR operator.

    var pendingSale = new SaleRequest();
    pendingSale.ExternalId = ExternalIDUtil.GenerateRandomString(13);
    pendingSale.Amount = 1000;
    pendingSale.CardEntryMethods = CloverConnector.CARD_ENTRY_METHOD_ICC_CONTACT |
                                   CloverConnector.CARD_ENTRY_METHOD_MAG_STRIPE |
                                   CloverConnector.CARD_ENTRY_METHOD_MANUAL |
  3. You MUST be connected to the Internet. It is NOT enough to know that the device is on a strong network. Check the Help app to view the connectivity of your Clover device. If the device is on the Internet but still shows up as disconnected, see the FAQ “Why does my DevKit device say it’s offline when it’s connected to the Internet?”.
  1. Initiate a payment from your POS. When the Clover device prompts you to submit payment, tap the button for manual card entry.
  2. Enter the card number 4005578003333335 and an expiration date (which can be any future month and year). Enter any three numbers for the CVV.
  3. Your transaction should complete for half of the total amount. You must then issue a new transaction for the second half.
  4. If you have difficulty completing these steps, check the list of requirements above.
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