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Secure Payments has stopped

When trying to send a Sale Request in a semi-integrated environment, the clover immediately responds with a User Canceled Request. On the mini, you see the circle, then it immediately returns to the order. It doesn't show the Payment Screen (where you slide the card). When I close USB Payment, an error message on the mini says "Unfortunately Secure Payments has stopped". How do we go about debugging this and determining why it stopped?
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Does this issue also happen with the example POS from the Remote Pay Windows repo? Also, can you tell me the serial number of your devkit? It starts with `C03`. Thanks!

In general, you can enable USB debugging on a Clover devkit:

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No, the example POS is working, but I can't figure out what I changed that would cause it to fail. It must be something in the Sale Request. The Order Display works fine. Is there any logging on the device that might help other than trying to setup debugging?

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Sorry, the serial # is C030UQ71040200.


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Thank you.

Since it seems to be something with your sale request, would you mind sharing your code?

To see logs from the Clover device itself, you need ADB.

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