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Swiping same credit card multiple times for multiple order creating multiple customer records.

If user uses CC for an order clover implicitly creating a customer record.
This record is only having name from used cc.
The problem is when same credit card is used for another order again clover is creating new customer record with same name.
In result if this customer did 500 orders with same cc there will be 500 customer records with same name.

Also we are seeing warning dialog while using same cc for consecutive orders.
below are the details :
"Possible duplicate payment :
This payment may be a dupicate. are you sure you want to continue"

Is there any way to identify these multiple records are from same card swipe?
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Any Update on this?
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Are you creating a semi integration app?

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@Chanel We are not creating semi-integration application. We are Loyalty integration application so we need to know customer for the order.

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