Community Guidelines

Before posting a question

Before posting a question, take advantage of all the resources available to you.

  • Search the Clover Platform documentation for information related to your question.
  • Search Community for similar questions
  • Do not cross-post in multiple threads or create multiple posts for the same or similar topics. These actions will not help in getting a faster response.
  • If you find an older post with a similar problem, but want to provide more details, post a new question. You can then link to the older question.
  • Post in relevant spaces: App Market Developer Platform, Semi-Integration, Clover Go, Ecommerce API, Ideas & feedback

Posting a question

When posting a question, provide as many details as possible.

  • Summary Explain what you are trying to accomplish
  • Environment Sandbox or Production
  • Integration type
    • SDK and version used (if applicable)
    • REST API endpoints used
  • Your request & expected response: Use Gist or Pastebin for sharing large code snippets, stack trace, or log
  • Device-specific issues:
    • For device firmware version, use adb shell getprop | grep
    • For Clover Engine APK version, use adb shell dumpsys package com.clover.engine | grep versionCode
  • Do not share private data: Redact any access tokens, merchant, payment, or order UUIDs from code snippets
  • Reporting bugs: Provide a minimal, complete, and verifiable example

After posting a question

Maintain your questions and responses to your questions.

  • Mark answered questions: This helps other developers to identify correct solutions.
  • Update your questions when you find new information: Delete your questions if they turn out to be invalid.

General guidelines

We ask all members to adhere to our community guidelines to ensure a welcoming and productive space for Clover developers.

  • Be respectful. Our community is for everyone to learn and engage with mutual respect.
  • Participate. Join in on discussions, ask questions, and provide answers.
  • No spam. Don’t promote products or services.
  • Appropriate content. Obscene images and curse words are not allowed. Any objectionable content will be removed.
  • No discrimination, bullying, or harassment. We have zero-tolerance for any discrimination based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
  • Report inappropriate content. If you find content that does not follow these guidelines, report it to a moderator or admin.

Moderators will have the final call when deciding if content follows our community guidelines. These guidelines are modeled after the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and likewise licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

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