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Maybe make Invoices be real invoices when you send them and maybe send from the clover mini before payment is made>? Maybe?

So I have used clover POS for almost 5 years. Of course you do not have a decent 3rd party app that will sync to Quickbooks Desktop. Now that InvoiceASAP will no longer partner with Clover I now have no way to invoice from the POS with what the customer has purchased on the invoice. All Customer support say is that is the invoice just the amount the customer owes. That is NOT an invoice. Also now that I will spend more time having to put all transactions in my Quickbooks it is taking more of my time. Commerce sync only syncs daily total and I still have to add the customer with their purchase and their payment to Quickbooks because commerce sync does not show that. Will their be changes soon otherwise I think I will have to find a different POS to go on with my business. Will somebody pleas let me know the plans for the future of Clover.

Donna Hoss

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