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Add network service discovery to Secure Network Pay Display

It will greatly help deploying and reducing issues with integration in the field

Reference for that can be found here:

semi-integrationssecure network pay display
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It isn't really clear what you are asking for. It seems like this would make more sense from the SDK (Android SDK could scan for available minis). Can you please clarify what you are looking for?

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The current pairing process requires entering the clover IP into POS side.

It's none issue for a tech person; but it's a intimidated and error prone for most non tech people in small businesses. They often got typo when entering the ip & address, and frustrated to call support get figure that out.

If SNPD register/advertise its address on the network, the process will be simple and less error prone: the POS can just discover the available Clover on the network and present the list for user to pick from. The feature is available on other smart terminals so I wish Clover can do the same. And yes, you can have the SDK to have that discovery feature built in too; but SNPD needs to make itself discoverable by registering/advertising its address/port first?

* Pairing is not one time setup; it happens more often in the field than we expected, for all kind of reasons: merchant router auto renews ip; router replacement; temporarily switch back and forth between routers/networks/mobile hotspots when Internet access interrupted, token expiration...

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